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Choosing the harness


There are many kinds of harness, the simple nylon harness, up to a more sophisticated handmade leather one with varying price differences.
To start a nylon harness which fits the donkey well will be sufficient.

Below we show a diagram to help you to take the donkeys measurements necessary to choose the correct harness.

Donkey weight: Size: Breed:
Type of cart:  
Type of harness:  


Measurements necessary to determine the size of the harness
A : commisure of the lips to commisure  
B : browband except snaffle bridle piece  
C : nose band (2 fingers below the apophysis)  
D : girth/ rein terret puted behind the shoulder's muscle  
E : rein terret to the base of the tail  
G : stifle to stifle  
F : G to G  
H : point of the elbow to the point of the elbow  
I : back of the bolster to the back of the bolster  

This information was extracted from catalogue 2003 of Equip' Horse, but was modified for the donkey.
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