The donkey education              


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The donkey education

The advices I will give you on this page is my opinion. They come from 20 years of observations and experience in breeding donkeys which has also allowed me to successfully give advice to other owners. Education is more effective with a foal (who is approximately six months of age).

Here, different points:


A -How can you obtain a good relationship with your animal?

It will be easier if you isolate it from the herd, if you have several donkeys.

Your donkey must always want to come to you as soon as it see you in its pasture, to have tenderness and affection.

Careful, this first contact with your foal has to be done without inducement of food; you must reach that point naturally.
If you need food to approach your animal or to catch it, you are in a position of failure, without forgetting all the risks which this method can involve.

If your foal hesitates to approach, you can lie down to reassure it.

I reject on the fact that the donkey is stubborn like it can be describe in stories. On the other hand, it can be very mistrustful, which can be a quality, but is not timorous.

To obtain its confidence:






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