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Donkey's friends, welcome!

My name is Gilbert Mouchel-Vichard, and I have created this website to share my passion for donkeys with you so that you can rediscover this extraordinary, affectionate and, contrary to popular belief, very intelligent animal.

I say 'rediscover' because donkeys had for about 50 years gradually disappeared from the countryside as the result of the modernization of agricultural techniques. But thanks to the efforts of passionate breeders and associations whose goal is to rehabilitate the various breeds, donkeys are now progressively finding their place again next to humans

For my part, I have devoted these past 20 years to the breeding of the Cotentin donkey , a breed from my region. I have therefore gained considerable experience in the education of this animal and its use. (trekking, harnessing...).

Furthermore, I have played a large part in the recognition of the Cotentin donkey by the ministry of Agriculture. I was thus led to study in detail all the characteristics of this breed for:

  • the development of the standard
  • the management of the breed
  • the management of approved stallions
  • the reproduction
  • the breeding
  • the identification
  • the terms of sale

As a matter of fact, I was for 7 years the speaker for the Cotentin donkey to the ministry of Agriculture and stud farms.

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