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The "Asinerie du Bocage" has developed a certain number of activities with the donkeys:

  • a day to discover the donkey, for non-professional's or groups with the possibilities of others activities according to your request (ex: C.A.F de Lisieux , groupes scolaires...)
  • education of your donkey
  • instructions to excursions
  • introduction to carting
  • possibility to take exam for "Galop attelage de 1 à 8" (French carting qualification)
  • educating your donkey for carting
  • various activities at regional level
    • rides for children
    • for the arrival of Father Christmas
    • wedding's
    • numerous carting activities


The arrival of Father Christmas in Caen at the request of the Tradesmen's union.

To find out more, please visit our website regularly, do not hesitate in contact us for more details on our prices.


Instruction for excursions

When the weather is fine, what could be more pleasant than rambling in the foot paths of the countryside with your donkey?

To help you to appreciate this activity, we offer you introductory courses, one half-day (morning or afternoon) or one day, during which the following activities will be included:

  • education of the donkey
  • advices to pack your donkey properly
  • advices for all the precautions and safety points which are necessary for excursion.
  • mini-excursion in the afternoon to put the theoretical advices into practice.

N.B.: If you prefer it is possible to come with your donkey, your pack and all your equipment.

Prices for a private course (one or two people):

  • 50€ for one half-day
  • 100€ for one day

If you like see, you can take advantage of hikes or harnessed ballad proposed by Pascale.


Introduction to carting

Discovering nature with your cart will bring you an intense satisfaction; this leisure is more and more practised by the equidaes's owners.
On the whole, the donkey consent's to pull a cart but it's better for the donkey to have received a training course to practice this discipline.
That's why the "Asinerie du bocage" suggest to you day's introduction to the carting to minimize mistakes and to give you confidence with your donkey.

Au programme:

  • safety regulations
  • the language of the handler with his donkey
  • training in driving with the model (donkey and cart)
  • preparation of the donkey
  • studying of morphology
  • long-reining exercices
  • discovering the parts of the harness
  • Fitting and adjustment of harnessing
  • driving a cart
  • removing the cart and deharness
  • etc...

With the model, you will learn how to handle the guides with dexterity to be very soft with the mouth of the donkey.

To work with long-reining allows you to drive the donkey and teach him to respond to your instructions.
To be safe, you must never drive without an assistant.

To give you some idea of the class program, visit:
- 1st session: practical theory and first applications
- 2nd session: training in long-reining, 2 and 4 wheels cart's.

Prices for a private course (one or two people) :

  • 50€ one half-day
  • 100€ for one day

For this type of instruction an annual licence from the 'Fédération Française de l'Equitation" is required (price 36 € per person).
Here is an example of the required licence completed, as well as the coverage included in the insurance of the licence.


Education of the donkey for carting

Carting is a discipline extremely enjoyed by the family, but requires the donkey to have a good education to obtain the maximum satisfaction, and to avoid taking unnecessary risks.
We thus propose to you, boarding the donkey with us to be able to educate it in carting (single or double carting).

We will train it:

  • to stay quite under all circumstance
  • to respond to your instructions
  • to stop and not move for a moment
  • to cross obstacles which can be difficult for a donkey (grids of sewer, markings on the ground...)
  • to walk on a main road

Set price of 450 € which includes:

  • Your donkey(s) at livery for one month
  • educate it in single carting

The minimum age to educate your donkey in carting is 18 months, and it can be more difficult after 4 years. I have stallions in the asinery, so for reasons of safety, I can accept only females or donkeys gelded for the moment.


Carting courses to take exams for "Galops attelage de 1 à 8" (French carting qualification

After introduction to carting, you can have carting course with horses (because there's no exam with the donkeys) with a teacher of the French Carting School to take the exams.
(ex: Galops attelage 1 to8 of Annick, Gilbert et Cédric... )

With these exams you will be able to participate in competition with horses or donkeys.

To find out more about classes in carting, please contact us.


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