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Environment and conditions for the breeding process

If you are planning to have a donkey:

It is necessary to have a pasture of approximately 3000 m². Ideally it is to be separated into two to have a rotation. That way, your donkey will always have fresh grass and the ground will be able to regenerate more quickly.

However, it should be known that the donkey does not like to be alone and that it will be necessary to give him a companion (ie horse, sheep...). If you have sufficient pasture, ideally a second donkey of the same sex.

, it is essential to supply a shelter. Several types of shelters can be found on the market:

The simplest shelter is open. It is better to expose it to the east. This shelter has the advantage to be cleaned mechanically.
Tél: 02-31-63-02-15

Tél: 02-31-63-02-15
The boxed shelters have the option of being closed but must be cleaned manually.


For important breeding, ideally it should be the simple shelter, the solution which I adopted for my breeding.

The animals come and go freely but it is possible to close the shelter during the particularly wet (humid) periods with a simple barrier.

This system has the advantage:

  • to allow mechanical cleaning in a short time
  • to be able to place at the disposal of the donkeys hay for several days without any loss because they have to pass the head through bars to eat it.

For the first two shelters, it is better to install a suspended rack for the distribution of the hay.

However, in all the shelters, it is necessary to have a water point (place, the ideal is an antifreezing automatic drinking-trough if you are in a cold area.



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