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Diseases and Parasites


The donkey is a rustic animal and robust, but like any animal it can have various health problems. However if you observe your animal you can detect any change in its behaviour if the donkey is sad, its head is low and its ears droop, its eyes have no expression, it does not move its head when somebody calls it...
A donkey rests well on only three legs (one of its posterior feet is only standing on its toe), a sick donkey would be held upright equally on its four legs.

However, a donkey which isolates itself from the other animals and remains always in the same place or which loses its appetite could have certain health problems. Other symptoms like a cough, difficulties breathing, suffers from perspiration, diarrhoea, scratching... has also to be taken very seriously.

That is why it is very important to check regularly your donkey, as soon as the first symptoms appear, it would certainly be advisable to call your veterinary surgeon. Certain diseases can have dramatic consequences for your donkey if they are not treated in time, or contagious for the other animals.

It should be known certain diseases develop very quickly in the donkey. Moreover, serious illness is less frequent for the donkey than the horse, but often more serious.

The health problems of the donkey can be divided into three main headings:

Viral infections or bacterials








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