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In "Asinerie du Bocage", we regularly give echography to all mares we think they in gestation.

This has a two fold effect:
- - to be sure the mare is fertilized. If she is not the veterinary surgeon will try to find the cause, and propose a treatment if it is necessary.
- to control the twin pregnancy. Those are not recommended because the foals can have problems, and it can use your mare prematurely. Your veterinary surgeon will generally advise you to keep one embryo, and will eliminate the second by pinching. This intervention has to be done as soon as possible, and within three weeks.

It is thus advised to give an echography to the mare 15 days after the covering, i.e. after the end of heat.



To give echography with good conditions, we installed a tubular corridor equipped with a shelf to put the echography appliance...

Our veterinary surgeon printed echography photos between 14 days to 3,5 months to allow us to discover the embryo's evolution:

Echography at 15 days
Echography at 21 days
Echography at 1 month
Echography at 3months
Echography at 3,5 months



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