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 Last News !

The breader season is near. Starting February 15th, our stallion of Cotentin, Krypton du Bocage, took back its activity of breeder.
For more information, please visit the link
"stud" .

We were pleased to welcome photographers Jean-Louis KLEIN and Marie-Luce HUBERT who made at the Asinerie du Bocage, marvelous photos of donkeys of Contentin.
You can see their photos on the section: Album.

Due to a partial reduction of activity related to my age (67 years old), I'm selling:
  • A batch of 11 pregnant mares guaranteed by the veterinary certificate.
  • 5 adult mares empty that could be inseminated starting the official date, so February 15th 2013,
  • maybe two donkeys that could be hitched by pair


All our mares are registered in the Stud-Book of Cotentin Donkey, and produce pure pedigree, and are up to date in their vaccination tetanos-flus.

All our donkeys are very gentle and accustomed to human contact since we regularly welcome groups of adults and children who are in direct contact with the donkeys. In addition, they are handled daily, their hooves are maintained regularly by a farrier.

Some of them are used to hiking.

Want to create a breeding donkeys Cotentin pure pedigree, you can draw an income from 2013:

  • Sale of foals,
  • Production of asses' milk
  • Donkey activities
  • Reception of roups, leisure centers, schools...
  • Hiking
  • Carriage rides, etc...

Training is offered with a maximum of one day per donkey to help you have a good foundation to start your business in the best possible conditions. (30 years of experience in the breeding of the donkey and the origin of the recognition of the Cotentin Donkey pedigree)
In addition, we still have young foals born in 2012  - VENTE 

Activities at the Asinerie du Bocage

Activités are expanding and are more and more diversified at the Asinerie du Bocage.

- Training for donkey breeding
- Education of the donkeys
- Introduction to excursions
- Excursions for families or groups
- Education of your donkey for carting
( single or double carting )


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