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Dermatite or Dermite Estival Récidivente

The dermatite Estivale Récidivente of equids includes different reactions of the allergic type caused by the insects stinging (and in particularly the small mosquitos called Culicoides). It is one of the skin problem most frequently observed for the equids.

This skin problem is a reaction to the allergic saliva of the insects sting. The first bite is sensitive to the animal and this state of sensitization increase with new bites. It is following by a reactional process with production of histamine and formation of skin oedemas.

This disease starts in spring, get worst during the summer and disappears in autumn with the insects.
The skin lesions are generally localised above the tail, the neck, the withers and the ears with bacterial second infection. The skin has many blisters and a fur loss amplified by very severe itching.

The prevention of this disease is difficult to find, and the using of insect repdents are effective only for short periods (sudation of the animal).
The treatment consists of local application of corticoids and calming lotions.

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