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Infectious anaemia

The infectious anaemia is rare for the equids. It's a viral disease and for the moment we don't know how to cure it. This contagious disease affects the donkey in a permanent way with or without symptom and can in rare cases develop in an acute form.

The transmission of the disease is through the blood inoculation of one infected equine towards a healthy donkey. It is through the intermediary of insects which feed on blood and come and go from one animal to the other (ex: horseflies).

This disease can also be transmitted by syringes and surgical material which have not been sterilized property or through the blood transfusions. Transmissions by venereal tract have been also mentioned.


The symptoms of infectious anaemia are generally non-existent, but this disease can also present chronic forms, even shrill.

The shrill form appears with a strong fever and a fall in the number of blood platelets. The donkey is then in a state of depression and presents loss of appetite as well as moderate anaemia. In the most severe cases, we note nosebleed and an important ventral oedema which precede death by a few days.

In the event of a cure, the disease develops towards a recurring form. The donkey knows several illnesses which first appear as a fever, as well as a fall of the blood platelets. These illnesses weaken gradually in intensity, and disappear approximately at the end of a year.
Following one of these illnesses, the disease can possibly become a chronic form, it is deteriorating gradually the general conditions of the animal deteriorates gradually: anaemia, oedemas and sometimes mortality.

But in the majority of the cases, the infected animal does not present any symptom but nevertheless remain carrying the virus for the remainder of its life.



There are no treatments for the infectious anaemia, and its prevention is based on the detection of the seropositive animals, the insulation of the breeding, and the slaughter of the infected animals.
This disease is on the list of the contagious diseases in France, and its detection involves the cancellation of the sale (latent defect).






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