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Artificial insemination


The artificial insemination is rarely used for donkeys and is still in the experimental stage. With fresh sperm the results seem satisfactory, whereas in frozen spangles, the success is very slight. Sperm samples were carried out in 2003 on two Asinerie's stallions (Kyky du Bocage and Krypton du Bocage) by the laboratory I.M.V to progress the research.

Insemination by frozen spangles would avoid the risks of consanguinity and would improve the products which would make it possible for small breeders very far away from the cradle of race to reproduce a pure race.

Artificial vagina

Artificial vagina prepared to take stallion's sperm sample.
We can notice this vagina has to be wormer to obtain a temperature of approximately 45°C and the flask at the end is to recover sperm..

Take sperm sample

A mare on heat call put the donkey in a position and when he is jump on the mare, his penis is than introduced into the artificial vagina until ejaculation.



The filtering is to remove all impurities which the penis could bring.


Heating stage at 34-37°.
Observation between slide and coverglass to control the mass mobility (spermatozoon movement) in pure semen.
We profit to evaluate spermatozoon concentration


Dilution of the sperm with a special thinner enriched in glycerol and egg yolk to prepare spermatozoon for the freezing.
Then, remains the work in laboratory to turn it in spangles.




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