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The "Asinerie du Bocage" offers you his stallion of Cotentin with pedigree, approved by public covered by the National Stud farms.


Approved to cover mare since 2001
N° SIRE: KT0003
Born: 18/03/1998
Size: 1,23m

Father: Achille des Petits Saules (YT0179)
Mother: Jenny du Bocage (WT2143)

Possibility of echography
Price of the covering: 80€
Livery: 2€ per day

To be approved by public covered, this stallion:

  • has passed before the commission of approval by the National Stud farms
  • has satisfied the Test of Coggings (infectious anaemia)
  • is vaccinated Tétagrippe (Tetanus + equine influenza)
  • is typified DNA

Every year, the stud's owner has a notebook of covering given by the National Stud farms for each approved stallione.

This approved stallion is authorized to cover only identified mare's (having a number SIRE).

For the first time this year, the young mares of Cotentin who are three years old or more who are presented to the covering, must have undergone typing DNA.

In "Asinerie du bocage", all the mares presented to the public covering one oblige to be up to date with their Tétagrippe vaccination.

At the time of the covering of mare by the stallion, a "declaration of first covering" is duly completed. This document is sent before eight days to the district stud farm.

Moreover, if the mare presented is followed, this declaration of the first covering will be supplemented with the declaration of the foal's birth.






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