The donkey education              


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The donkey education

B -can you do to help it to have confidence in you?

After few days, when it will be confident, it is necessary to put a halter adapted to its size on him.

Before you begin walks, it is important to accustom your foal to be tethered in its shelter or against a wall but not in full sun or in draught.

Under no circumstances, tether it to a tree or a post if it can go around it.

It's dangerous!!

Tether it, according to its height so that it can not put its fore limb in its lead.

To start, you can tether it approximately 30 minutes and later up to 2 hours.

If it is a little nervous the first day, it will be calm very quickly and after about fifteen days, I can tell you even nervous donkeys will become calm and will not feel in punishment.

For this education period, it is important to go to see it regularly to reassure it with comforting caresses and words.

When your foal is very calm when tethered you can resume this operation from time to time.

To manipulate the fore limbs and hind limbs:






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